While we provide a unique and effective Virtual Assistant Training Program, LightningTweak cannot guarantee that trainees can immediately land to a Virtual Assistant role or an online contract as there are factors beyond our control that affects job applications. These factors are:

  1. Your readiness to work online;
  2. Your personality (i.e. some employers or roles prefer extroverts while some prefer introverts or both);
  3. Your skill levels;
  4. Your ability to outperform your competition in interviews;
  5. The selection process of online recruitment agencies and freelancing websites; and
  6. The employers' prerogative to hire Virtual Assistants or enter into a contract with applicants.

However, it is our commitment to provide you FREE consultation and coaching until you have successfully landed Virtual Assistant role or online contract.

Furthermore, LightningTweak is NOT a recruitment agency and does NOT collect fees of any sort for job placements.