How Working From Home Can Change Lives

How Working From Home Can Change Lives

How Being A Virtual Assistant Changed My Life

Hi there! I just want to share a true story about what is it like to work from home, how it changed my life and how it can change yours.

The Model Employee

I was once a model employee who usually gets commendations from by bosses. I was happy and was enjoying the corporate life with a bright ambition to become a Vice President someday. However these changed when I was given a taste of the so called 'Corporate Politics'. I soon realized that I was just the corporate 'ninja', doing all the dirty work while others reap the rewards. I was working extra hard yet underpaid. I even broke a tooth to keep my clean record of zero tardiness lol 😀

The 'Work From Home' Journey

Eventually I got sick and tired of the daily 8am-5pm routine which drove me to get out of the corporate life to explore online work opportunities. It was tough at first as I didn't have skills. My resume won't even pass first level screening! It was frustrating but blurted it out through research and building online skills. I didn't have a mentor to guide me so it took me a while until one day my hard work paid off.

Hard Work Paying Off

I landed my very first Virtual Assistant job on October 8, 2013 for an Australian Tech Service company. I've been doing pretty well since. Over the years I've helped many clients grow and I'm still crushing it as a Digital Marketing Specialist for a US based company today. I'm glad that I made that difficult decision. Otherwise, I will not be where I am at right now and would have suffered in the corporate world.

Success Comes With Rewards

Being a Virtual Assistant, I learned systems and tools that I didn't know it existed. I learned how to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I grew both professionally and as an individual.

It also comes with financial rewards and I was able to buy our family a car, send my child to an exclusive school, have enough food on the table, stock up on groceries, dine out with my family on weekends, invest on a condominium, take out an insurance, afford more family vacations and build LightningTweak Digital Marketing.

But the best part of all, I am beside my family while I work. I'm able to immediately respond and take care of their sudden needs. I am able to see my son grow and that is PRICELESS!

I'm Not Kidding...Here's the Proof

Here are just a few screenshots of what I earned from working online at home:


This story wasn't meant to boast but to inspire. I sincerely hope that you achieve more than this level of success and live a better quality of life. This is my dream for you and your family. This dream is my reason for doing extra hard work and putting my heart and resources in building the LightningTweak Virtual Assistant Training Program even if I don't have any idea if it will succeed.

A better life is on the horizon and now very easy to grasp as you have a me to guide you until you succeed working from home. If I fail or succeed in the end, I will not have regrets knowing that I did my best to help people improve the quality of their own and their family's lives.

If ever you're interested to build online skills so you can work from home, have a look at our training program and decide if it is for you (click this link right down below):

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Many thanks for sharing your time with me.

My team and I will see you at the end of the tunnel.

Xy 'Lightning' Salvador
Founder / CEO - LightningTweak Digital Marketing