How Working From Home Changed My Life

How Working From Home Changed My Life

How Being A Virtual Assistant Changed My Life

Hi there! I just want to share a short story about how working online changed my life.

I was once a good employee who usually gets commendations from by bosses. I was happy and enjoying the corporate life with a bright ambition to become Vice President someday. However these changed when I was given a taste of the so called 'Corporate Politics'. I soon realized that I was just the corporate 'ninja', doing all the dirty work while others reap the rewards. I also realized that I was working extra hard yet underpaid.

Eventually I got sick and tired of the daily 8am-5pm routine which led me to get out of the corporate life and explored online work opportunities.

It was tough at first as I didn't have the skills and experience but I know I have to stand by my decision. My resume won't even pass first level screening. It was frustrating but still I worked hard to build online skills and did a lot of readings to learn how to work online. I did this without a mentor.

Eventually my hard work paid off. I landed my very first Virtual Assistant job on October 8, 2013 for an Australian Tech Service company. Over the years I helped many companies grow and I'm still crushing it as a Digital Marketing Specialist for a US based company. I'm glad that I made that difficult decision. Otherwise, I will not be where I am at right now.

Being a Virtual Assistant, I learned systems and tools that I didn't know it existed. I learned how to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I grew both professionally and as an individual.

Financially, I was able to buy our family a car, send my child to an exclusive school, buy adequate groceries, dine out with my family on a regular basis, invested on a condominium, take out an insurance and afford more family vacations.

But most of all, the best part is I am able to be with my family while I work. I'm able to respond to my family's needs immediately as I am present by their side.

This story wasn't meant to boast but to inspire. I hope that you would allow me and LightningTweak Academy help you achieve your goals, a great level of success to live a better quality of life. This is my dream for you. This dream is the reason I built LightningTweak.

A better life is on the horizon and now very easy to grasp as you have a mentor to guide you but the rest is up to you.

If ever you're interested to learn online skills so you can work from home, go and have a look at the training program's link just below:

LightningTweak Virtual Assistant Training Program

and I will be at the end of the tunnel to teach you everything I know to help you land that online job.

Many thanks for sharing your time with me.

Sai Salvador
Founder / CEO - LightningTweak Digital Marketing